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Sour Llama Studios



Sour Llama Studios is a small Indie Dev Studio based out of Vermont USA. Known For Tower Enforcer and The RPG based in the same universe. 

HubTrotter Logistics Inc.



I am the co-founder of a Kickstarter and eCommerce fulfillment company. We operate in, Canada, the US, and ship products globally. We are happy to answer any questions about shipping, fulfillment, freight forwarding, and the implications about getting your products to your customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


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Legends of Avallen



Deren lives in Cardiff, Wales and has two passions in life: science and tabletop games. While completing his Ph.D. in physics he began developing an RPG to introduce new players to the genre inspired by his Welsh locale. Legends of Avallen now has a successful Kickstarter and a diverse group of talented people working across four continents to bring it to life!



Isaac Ostlund



I am a neuroscientist, writer, and artist. I've been a game designer for many years and have recently finished the PokéRPG, a system designed to maximize customization and allow players to hunt, capture, and battle Pokémon! We have a large subreddit and discord, which you can find at PokeRPG.reddit.com


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Tabletop Games


I am excited to be part of a new website that attracts new people to the world of Table Top Gaming, while also helping indie publishers with marketing and selling out of print, excess stock and crowdfunded games.


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